Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society is a group of people, mostly in the East of Scotland, who take part in activities relating to archaeology. The object is to get experience of practical archaeological skills and to learn more about current archaeology in Scotland. We do this by taking part in survey, excavation and research and hosting a series of lectures over the winter months.

Ongoing Excavations – Updates

Change of excavations days at Cammo

Please note: Digging at Cammo will continue through the autumn and winter on Mondays and NOT on Tuesdays as previously published.


Another very good if windy day.  We completed the uncovering of the cobbles in the SW quadrant.  One thing we noted was that the...
Excavated Cammo offices floor surface

End of season news from Cammo

On the final excavation of the season, fallen masonry had been removed and the objective of fully clearing Room 4 was achieved. A selection...

Cammo House – extent of floor plan mapped

Having spent another successful weekend at Cammo we have a good idea of where the remains of the big extensions lie. We will now bring...

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