Recording rock art

Recording roack art
Recording in-situ

The Society took up the kind offer by Dr Tertia Barnett to show members of EAFS the rudiments of 3D photogrammetry (Structure from Motion) when several members attended the introduction course on Saturday 12th March, at the Rock Art site of Tormain.

This was followed by a trip to the local hostelry to discuss methodologies and to view previously recorded work from the site on laptops.

The group was introduced to the free software package 123D Catch and off we all went home with our own set of photographs, up to 30 in number, and high expectations of producing a high quality 3D image of the most impressive piece of rock art at the site. Suffice to say that 123D Catch proved a little more awkward to use than expected – was it our photos or a vicissitude of the software. With a little more experience, and with endless subjects to choose from, we feel sure it will all come right in the end. At least we can now spin our bits of rock thru 360° whether they are earth fast or not.