Cammo 16. 09. 2019

Another good day at Cammo with interesting discoveries at both ends of the site.  At the East end Maria, Sheila and Norma uncovered a large flagstone slab under an arrangement of bricks. Pieces of cast iron and earlier finds of an iron grate indicated that there may have been a fireplace or fire basket at some stage.  The remainder of the east room had a hard earth/ash/mortar/crushed wall plaster surface. More cutlery was found as well as two coins – George V and VI both found by Sheila.  At the West end room Joyce revealed more of the low sleeper wall and guess what – another flagstone, also a possible oven door and other pieces of fireplace equipment.
In the central room a corrugated iron sheet was completely uncovered as well as slightly more modern finds – a Nintendo DS with a 2006 date and a pair of reading glasses.  Some of our finds from the centre room might indicate activity from the Air Ministry occupation of the House and estate in WWII. More about that later..
Excavation continues from 10am on Monday 23rd September.