Forth Naturalist & Historian Conference

Natives, Incomers and Invaders

Stirling University

Saturday 9th November 2019

Incomers and Invaders of all kinds have had a major impact on Natives in the Forth region. Some invaders are perceived as harmful, like introduced Grey Squirrels, or diseases accidentally imported by us with the potential to cull native trees. Others enhance, like the Taiga Bean Geese, blown our way by climate change, and Eurasian Beaver, purposefully re-introduced to our lochs and rivers. People have also invaded or drifted across the North Sea from time to time. Our conference will present the new evidence that shows the central importance of new groups that brought us farming 6000 years ago and bronze 4000 years ago, of the ways native and Roman learnt to live with each other 2000 years ago, and how we didn’t when Edward II came a’calling.

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