September at Cammo

Monday 23 September 

Another good day at Cammo with a good turnout of 8 members augmented by 2 graduates in osteoarchhaeology who had contacted us via the website.  We are now working in 3 rooms – The West room (2) where another fireplace was found which should be a good indication of probable floor level.  In the central room we also found a corner of a possible flagstone hearth.


The room to the east (7) was almost fully cleared, revealing a hard earth floor surface and mortared brick patching repairs to the walls.


Finds were two decorated tobacco pipe bowls, a “hand” motif and a heart from the fireplace in room 2. Investigation to find more about their origins are on-going. They appear to be Irish, from the 19th century.




Some of the remaining wall plaster at the east end of the building had started to flake off so we temporarily placed some bricks against it for weather protection.  There does seem to be a discrepancy in floor levels between the west and north brick walls of room 7 which will require investigation.

Saturday and Sunday, 29/30 September

On Saturday EAFS members prepared the Offices for the Open Day on Sunday.

Two more fireplaces were uncovered in

the centre room and the east end of the building.


Star find was a Queen Victoria shilling of 1865 -(92.5% silver content) 

On the Sunday Open Day we had 35 visitors and a few willing helpers.


A very successful day.

Excavation dates in October are 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th.