October at Cammo

lime cordial bottle

Monday 7th October

Excavation continued in the west room and revealed another sleeper wall and a “recess” in the south wall.  There were also metal spikes set into the inner wall face as well as several loose ones we found earlier.  We completed the excavation of the fireplace in the centre room and Val completed the excavation of the cupboard in the East room, revealing a cache of nails and some interesting bottles – part of a Lightning Cough Cure, a J W Carmichael beer bottle and a large Rose’s Lime Cordial bottle.  The corridor area to the south was also cleared revealing an extension of the flagstone floor through another possible entrance, but this may have been adapted from a window as another sash weight was found very close to the opening.

Monday 21st October

A dry and slightly chilly day at the Offices.  We continued clearing the central room down to “just below the hearth” level and also carried on with Room 2 to reveal more dwarf walls and a abrupt change of level between the flagstones and the earth floor – could there have been a wooden floor structure?

Part of the farthest west room was also excavated to uncover another row of flagstones.  Bruce found a mother of pearl button. Some shell, including oyster and a scallop also popped up and a brick stamped “Whitehill” was found. There was a number of animal bones in the corner of the centre room.

Excavation will continue, weather permitting, on Monday 28th October, 10am-3pm.  Regulars and new volunteers all welcome.