Cold but rewarding day at Cammo

Monday 18th November

A frosty but dry day at the offices when we continued to clear the west end of the centre room.  Our first find was a metal bed end and a further section of bed frame, including a corner joint which was excavated by Joyce and Norma.
The question has to be – was this room a bedroom?  A corner of a bed frame was also found in the west room on 8th April this year.
Bruce then found an intact small glass tube/funnel, near to a blocked doorway or passage in the south west corner of the room. If anyone has any idea what this might have been used for, please let us know! The ‘top’ edge has been cut, so it’s not even all round.
A section of adjoining wall with a plaster surface was noted in the north west corner.
Finally Val found the intact lid of a china dish near the south wall. 

There were 9 members present today – a good turn out on a cold day.

All are welcome – the next day for digging will be Monday 25th November, then 2nd, 9th and 16th December, but please check for any changes (usually owing to the weather forecast) on our Facebook page on the Sundays before.