Cammo Updates

Happy Digging!

Monday 25th November

Another very good day at Cammo Offices, where we were joined by new member Ivy.  Both corners of the centre room were cleared to reveal another cupboard on the south side containing a few wine/beer bottles, some broken bottles embedded in mortar, a teapot lid, a key and a lock plate with a keyhole.  The corner on the north side was also cleared.


Neil found a rather surprising item – the bottom half of a set of false teeth. There were more animal bones and rusted fragments of strips of metal found near the centre of the dividing wall. Some wood was also found but it probably was part of a door, not the floorboards we had hoped for. The weather deteriorated about 2 pm so we had an early finish.

On Monday 2nd December when we will attempt to define the floor level.  We can also do a limited amount of work in the west room but we need to find a way of clearing some large pieces of masonry from the collapsed chimney wall.

Monday 2nd December

The site at Cammo is still producing some interesting finds.  While clearing the floor surface of the centre room we recovered an unusual item – the end of a clay pipe stem with its mouthpiece and a decoration of dots and spirals also a shotgun cartridge stamped “ Dickson Edinburgh No 12”,  another small button and a bead.  We also found more sash weights and a probable screw down casement window stay as well as a small quantity of window glass. While we are almost complete in this room, the plan is to make a start on the adjacent Piggery. 

We will be clearing a large amount of saplings, bramble and weed growth on the walls and interior prior to excavation.



Monday 9th December

On Monday 9th we started out to clear the sapling growth, brambles etc from the Piggery while (we thought) finishing off the centre room.  Like all plans it only partially worked:  the piggery bit was accomplished but we found that we were nowhere near floor level in the centre room.

More window fittings – sash pulleys, glass, nails and animal bone were found.  We also found remains of a possible wooden floor beam, scraps of linoleum and very rotted wood were noted.


Monday 16th December

We resumed on Monday 16th for our final session for 2019.  Remains of possibly four lines of floor beams were excavated, as well as a Holbrook & Co Worcester sauce bottle. a small glass vial and a large marble. A possible fallen window frame was recorded but not much of the wood survived.

At lunch break we enjoyed Christmas crackers with even worse jokes and posh choccies thanks to Joyce and Neil.

                                  Excavation at Cammo will resume on Mondays,                                   10am – 2.30ish pm from 13th January. 

All welcome.  Excavation is weather dependent, so please check our Facebook page on the Sunday before to confirm digging will go ahead.  Meet at Cammo Lodge just before 10am or on the site at the back of the stables.