Cammo January and February 2020

January 2020

We made a start at Cammo Offices on Monday 13th January.  We carried on cleaning the floor of the centre room and rather surprisingly there were more finds, including part of another ceramic serving dish and two more sash window pulleys.  We also uncovered what could be remains of wooden floor beams.


On Monday 20th we finished off clearing the floor, apart from a small “step” in the South-east corner.  We found two very nice small ink bottles, one octagonal and one smaller round bottle which still had traces of ink adhering to it and also a “trident” maker’s stamp on its base.   “This mark is from the company of Johnson & Jorgensen who set up on the Thames c1884.  They both moved from Norway.  The mark could date from anytime between 1884 and the 1930s.

Monday 27th January was a cold and windy day but we were well sheltered.  The central room was cleared.  There were some residual finds of window glass and part of a whisky bottle and a small mother of pearl button by the east bay window.

Moving away from the cottages, across the pathway to the Piggery, our “interesting” find was part of a fireclay pig feeder trough from the Lilliehill Fireclay and Terracotta Works in Dunfermline opened by Lindsay and Anderson in 1867 and closed in the 1920s.

We have also located some plans and elevations of the Cottages and Piggery in a Cammo Management Plan which should be a very useful reference.

February 2020

Not a great deal to report on Monday 3rd February, as the time was mainly spent in looking around the Piggery and Walled Garden.  We started to clear another area in the west room of the cottages, where we noted some clear tip lines in the section.  We also turned up a brick stamped “Clackmannan 1846”, which is useful dating information and fits in nicely with other known dates from coins, bottles etc. There were also a few small finds of nails, bone and a small piece of a clay pipe stem.  We also turned a section of what appeared to be melted glass embedded in mortar or plaster and some small sherds of pottery and window glass.

Monday 18th February.  On a day when the weather was far better than the forecasts we had a very good day at the Offices.  We carried on with clearing back the north corner of the west room, revealing a further area of good quality stone slabbed floor under the usual layer of slates and what is probably the collapsed west gable of the cottages.  Finds included the usual pottery, stoneware, nails and animal bone but a first for us was fragments of white wall tiles.  We also turned up two enigmatic metal objects, a metal rod with a hook on its end and some sort of “guard rail”  (see photos) All suggestions as to what they actually are gratefully received.  We also found a section of solid metal rail connected to a stone block by an eyelet with a securing nut on its end and what appeared to be some sort of bracket or hinge.  There was another stone block with a similar metal eyelet visible in the centre of the trench.  



Finally we recovered a hard rubber grip, possibly from a bicycle or mower. 

A very good and productive day.



Excavation on the 10th & 24th February was cancelled because of the dreadful weather.

We expect to be digging again on Monday 2nd March.  As always, all are welcome to join the excavation or just come and see what we are doing.