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Regulations for the resumption of Excavation

Clearance and excavation restarted today after three months of Lockdown but we have to observe regulations to ensure our own and public safety.  The guidelines for working are below.  Please note that if you are interested in joining the excavation you must contact Christine, our chairman, or Ian, secretary beforehand.

Guidelines to work to when at Cammo

To be used in conjunction with AOC guidelines below and HSE ‘Managing the risk’.

  • Volunteers should contact a lead person (Christine/Ian ) by the Friday before, if they wish to attend Cammo on the Monday
  • Lead person to allocate tasks/ space and determine the number of people we can have working safely on site, following the 2mtr rule
  • Provide wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Slates with 2 metre markings to be used to show distance when interacting with the public.
  • On the first week Ian put out equipment needed from the store cupboard.
  • Everyone took the tools they required. They will then keep these and bring along each week being responsible for cleaning and storage of same.
  • For those travelling by public transport Joyce is happy to store in car if these are placed in a separate bag
  • We all have a choice whether to attend the site and work and a responsibility to be practical and sensible while there.

Cammo summary of AOC guidelines 

Determine the number of people we can have working on site at any one time while maintaining 2m distancing.

Use ‘creative’ 2m markings on site.

Provide handwashing facilities.

Reduce job and equipment rotation – assign single tasks for the day.

Create ‘Work Zones’ on site.

Produce signage for visitors to site. Also, create a ‘talking to the public space’ – X + 2m arc.

Cleaning of equipment (+ storage) – see above.

PPE not recommended.