Return to Cammo

Monday 3rd May excavation restarted at Cammo

After a long break, members of EAFS were delighted to be able to resume exploration of the Steading at Cammo.  Some restrictions due to the Covid pandemic will continue.

On Monday we were working in the North room of the Steading (Piggery) and as well as a
continuation of the flagstone/concrete floor surface we turned up some interesting artefacts.

First was another door lock with part of its handle, followed by a small animal gin trap which still had its pressure plate but was missing its “jaws”.

We also excavated a large mass of concrete which still had the impressions of the wooden staves of a cask or barrel. 

Another Lilliehill fireclay roof ridge tile was found by the dividing wall.

We started a trench outside the SE corner of the Walled Garden in a brick built enclosure with a doorway leading in to the walled garden and
a corner fireplace.

As it was getting rather wet and cold we called it a day early but hope for better weather next Monday.  If you would like to participate, please contact EAFS through the ‘contact us’ link on the website.  Numbers may have to be restricted to allow for social distancing.