2021 May 10th Cammo Excavation

Work continued in the Steading

We had a very good day of excavation at the Cammo Steading/Piggery on Monday. Floor clearance near the corner fireplace revealed three 1 metre+ metal strips, two metal angled sections and several cast iron plates, one of which was a close fit with the in-situ oven frame and door.



A bottle from William Petrie of Leith was found. William Petrie was described as an Aerated Water Manufacturer of 3 – 5 Burlington Street around 1900. The stem of a mercury thermometer was also found near the fireplace.

The day’s star find was some very thin sections of possible stained glass with a brown/blue pattern.

Despite some heavy rain showers very good progress was made clearing the floor, which seems to have had a cement surface in places. A large quantity of metal rod sections in two sizes, some with staples still fixed to them, and one small metal ring were recovered. Some of the rods appear to have been shaped or angled but all had apparently been dumped as there was no evidence of any possible attachments in their present location.  They might possibly have had some horticultural use. There was a similar number of metal rods found in the north room of the main structure in 2020. 

Next session is on Monday 17th May.  Please contact EAFS if you’d like to participate.