Cammo in January

Clearing and excavation continued at Cammo this month, with work being carried out on two sites in particular: the extensive greenhouse in the walled garden and more of the outbuildings at the steading.

Monday 25th January

Another day when the weather was kind to us.

Several members of the Society have been researching documents from Cammo’s history and also reading information on other walled gardens, especially those with a heated wall, to help our interpretation of the layout of the greenhouse.  Two slate-lined water tanks have been found and the bases of brick walls but there is plenty more to uncover!

Small finds are few and far between in the walled garden, so the second plant label from the Royal Label Company showing the Grape variety “Alicante”, was especially exciting.

We also continued digging in the enclosure within an enclosure to the east of the byre.

Amongst the usual large quantities of pottery was a very nice clay pipe marked T.W.  (Thomas Whyte or The Worker).

We also revealed part of a cobbled surface just inside the gateway into the enclosure and the location of the missing gate post.

Weather and pandemic permitting, we’ll be at Cammo every Monday, 10 – 3ish.  If you are interested in joining us, please be at Cammo Lodge by 10am.