Subscription information

The currently agreed subscriptions for membership of the Society are as follows:

Subscription Classes.

Single £20.00 Concession * £15.00
Family £30.00 Concession Family * £22.50
Country Single # £15.00 Country Family # £22.50
Institution £50.00

*Concessions : Junior (under 19 years), Full-time Students, Unemployed, Senior Citizens (75% of full rate)
#Country : over 25 miles from the East End of Princes Street

All subscriptions are renewable from the date of the Annual General Meeting in December. New members, joining after 1 July, pay half above rates, until the AGM.

Subscriptions should be sent to:
Ian Hawkins, Hon Secretary
Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society
1 Bughtlin Place
EH12 8UY
Cheques should be made payable to “EAFS”

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Please note: Under the terms of the Data Protection Act we must inform members that the List of Members is held on a personal computer. The list has been filed to facilitate updating and will not be made available to any other organisation or company. Any member who does not wish to have their name on the computerised list should advise the Society when forwarding their subscription