Post-excavation work

Following on from the actual digging, there is a multitude of tasks which must be carried out in order to produce an excavation report, mandatory for all archaeologists, amateur and professional. The final report is the responsibility of the Site Director, while other tasks such as pot washing, pot reconstruction, finds numbering, cataloguing, drawing finds, and plans, etc, are undertaken by members, usually indoors. It is perfectly possible to take an active part in archaeology without wielding a trowel.

One point must be made about the carrying out of any work by an amateur group such as EAFS. Activities are, at best, on a weekly basis or thereabout, which means that work can be over a protracted period, and can require a certain dedication and commitment to see it through to a conclusion. Work which might take a full-time team three months to complete, might take the Society at least three years. The notion that an excavation can normally be completed in three days is a televisual fantasy!